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The Jewish Community of Laupheim and its Annihilation

Book Pages 29 - 30

ADLER Eugen and WOLF Betty,


21 König-Wilhelm-Strasse



Translated by: Danil Vishniakov
Supervisor: Dr. Robynne Flynn-Diez,
Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg,

Institut für Übersetzen und Dolmetschen Englischabteilung


Eugen Adler, born on February 3rd 1860 in Laupheim, single, died on October 17th 1942 in the concentration camp Theresienstadt

Betty Wolf
born as Betty Adler on June 15th 1863 in Laupheim; widow of Abraham Wolf, a businessman for clothing in Buchen Odenwald; died on December 24th 1941 in Laupheim.

[parents: Isidor and Judith Adler, born as Judith Engel]

Eugen Adler was the oldest of  Isidor Adler‘s six sons. From Isidor Adler’s first marriage to  Judith Engel, three out of the six children reached adulthood : Eugen, Betty and Simon (born in 1867). For his entire life Eugen remained single and worked for his parents’ business. His half-brother Jakob erected a house on  König-Wilhelm-Strasse (King-William-Street) in the year 1905. It is assumed that Eugen participated in its construction because he lived on the upper floor of the house from the time it was built. He had a Christian housemaid, an elderly woman by the name of Luise Eichmann. He was very economical, and he lived withdrawn from the public.


Edmund (left) and Eugen Adler, year 1937

Dr. Simon Adler, lieutenant to the German

Emperor, in Berlin-Pankow, year 1915

His three-year younger sister Betty was married to the salesman Abraham Wolf, and they lived in Buchen in Odenwald. They had many daughters, two of which emigrated to South Africa during the Nazi times.

In March of 1939, after the death of Abraham Wolf, Betty Wolf moved back into house 21 on König-Wilhelm-Strasse in Laupheim. At the same time, Eugen and his sister-in-law Berta (Herzfeld), Jakob Adler’s widow were living there. From 1934 to 1939 Maria Füssinger (Pretzel) worked as a maid for Berta Adler. Today, Maria lives in Friedrichshafen and is well into her years. She contributed some very important and useful information to this text

Edmund and Eugen’s younger brother was Dr. Simon Adler, who lived in Berlin-Pankow during this time and served as an officer in the German Emperor’s army in the First World War. The photograph from 1915 shows him as a handsome lieutenant in his army uniform. Yet besides the photograph, nothing is actually known about him.


In fall of 1941, Eugen Adler and Betty Wolf had to leave their house on König-Wilhelm-Strasse and were forced to live in a former rabbinate. Betty Wolf died there on Christmas Eve of the same year.

Her 82 year-old brother Eugen had to suffer the tragic fate of deportation. On the 19th of August 1942, Eugen was transported together with Edmund Adler to Theresienstadt. In October of the same year he died under inhumane conditions.



Out for a family walk on a Sunday in 1930. From the left: Edmund and Mathilde Adler, Irene, Eugen, Liesel, Bertha Netter, Lotte, Betty Wolf ( Adler).


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