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The Jewish Community of Laupheim and its Annihilation

Book Pages 166 - 168



"The clothing store"

6 Kapellenstrasse

Markus Ganser



The D. M. Einstein clothing store, in 1925 approximately.
In the Purim journal 1912 it was called "Kaufhaus zur Gelle" (Gelle’s store).
(Photography: Archive K. Neidlinger)

The department store was founded by David Moses Einstein and his wife Klara (nicknamed Gelle), née Nathan, in Kapellenstrasse on October 30th, 1832. In 1904 the Einsteins moved to the imposing house on the market square. Siegfried Einstein called it the biggest clothing store between Ulm and Lake Constance. In any case, it was a remarkable project to construct this outstanding building in the center of Laupheim.


Typical advertisement, dated 1923,

 announcing a variety of goods on offer for Pentecost


After World War I, Max and Ludwig Einstein assumed leadership of the department store. One headed the purchasing department, and the other was responsible for sales.

As early as April 1st,
1933, the Nazis attacked the Einstein store and smashed the shop windows.  The Einsteins were forced to eliminate the damage themselves while SA forces hindered customers from entering the store.

As a consequence, turnover dropped dramatically. A key indicator for this downturn is that overall trade taxes from the store continuously declined in the period from 1933 to 1935: these totaled 31000 Reichsmarks in 1933, 17030 Reichsmarks  in 1934, and only 6000 Reichsmarks in 1935. Against this background, Ludwig Einstein decided to emigrate in 1936. His daughter Nannette added to this as follows: „After our departure, my uncle Max Einstein supervised the D. M. Einstein department store until it was sold to Mr. Schurr”. The clothing store including its complete stock was “aryanized” by the Nazi authorities.

Boycott against the D. M. Einstein department store initiated by SA forces, April 1933


Max and Fanny Einstein could not but emigrate to Switzerland with barely a few belongings. They were not even allowed to keep the sparse proceeds from the “aryanization” of their department store.



Announcement in the  „Laupheimer  Verkündiger“, dated March 1939,

informing about the beginning of winter sales and new "Aryan" ownership of the D. M. clothing store.

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