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The Jewish Community of Laupheim and its Annihilation

Book Page 555  

WEIL, Bertha, and ZUCKER, Cilly,

29 Radstrasse



Translated by:
Mike Bingold
Supervisor: Renee Remy, M.A. Deutsche Linguistik
Staatlich geprüfte Übersetzerin für Englisch und Technik

Fremdspracheninstitut der Landeshauptstadt München


Bertha Weil, née Regensteiner, born on September 16th, 1862 in Laupheim, died on  September 26th, 1942 in the concentration camp Theresienstadt. Widow of Eduard Weil, tradesman.
Cilly Zucker,née Weil, born on  September 19th, 1884 in Laupheim. OO Viktor Zucker, baker in Hofgastein, Austria. Moved from Vienna to Laupheim on December 13th, 1938. Deportation to Riga on  November 28th, 1941.



Since 1730, when the first Jewish families came to Laupheim, the Weil family from Buchau has also been living there. In the local cemetery book there are 37 preserved gravestones with the (family) name ‘Weil’ on them. In the 19th century, the guest house “Sonne” was temporarily run by relatives of this family. According to John H. Bergmann’s genealogical research, several ‘Weil’ families also moved to bigger cities in this century: especially to Ulm, and to the USA. In 1933 two families were still living in the city of Laupheim, neighbours on Radstraße: Bertha and Jonas Weil, he will be introduced in the next chapter; who were only distantly related to each other.

Bertha Weil and her husband had four children who were born between 1884 and 1892. Cilly was the eldest, followed by the sons Jonas (1885), Max (1888) and Julius (1892). Since 1901 Bertha Weil had already been a single parent, as her husband Eduard had given up his responsibility of being a family father and had settled in the USA that same year. Their son Max also emigrated to the USA in 1903, but nothing is known about the other two brothers.

Before the First World War, Cilly Weil married the baker Viktor Zucker from Hofgastein f, Austria, which then also became her home. On  December 13th
, 1938, after her husband died, she moved back to Laupheim to her mother who lived on 29 Radstraße  in a rental owned by the Rieser family. There are also other existing addresses for both of them: 12 Judenberg  and 26 Koenig-Wilhelm-Straße . At the end of 1939 they had to move to the Jewish nursing home. In November 1941, the daughter was caught during the first deportation and was later killed in the concentration camp in Riga. Nine months later, her 80-year-old mother was taken away to Theresienstadt where she died in September 1942.



Went to the USA at the age of 15.

Max Weil in his first year of school in 1895



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